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My Pup

* Illustration reference: Aleksandar Nakic

Through normal course of routine day

The work that piles piled my way

My desk I like to keep real clean

Soon disappears till I could lean

My head on bed of papers high

And only thing that gets me by

Is thinking of the big wall clock

That often to my face does mock

Shows that it’s time to head to door

And without looking back I’ll roar

Straight through the crowded parking lot

Like bullet out of gun I’m shot

And down the road and over hill

I fast will break speed limits till I’m at my driveway up the stairs

Take two at time to get me where

I burst through door, just so abrupt

And shout to room “What’s up, my Pup!”

And to my feet he bounds with glee

And jumps and leaps and sometimes pees

Because he’s happy that I’m home

He never knows just why l roam

So far from him, and nor do I

One day I’ll never leave his side

But till then I’ll work out my week

And fly home fast, to my Pipsqueak

And let the day’s stress melt away

With all the kisses and the play

That my four-legged friend can give

And that’s the only way to live!

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