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Nacho Time

A jenga of deliciousness

A pile of scrumptious fixings

Explosive in its taste and tang

Both cool and spice are mixing

Golden geometric forms

Of all shapes and all sizes

Smothered in a coat of cheese

And lots of choice surprises

The suspects that are usual

Tomatoes, onions, beef

And fiery jalapenos

Will have you screaming for relief!

You can also add your faves

Like corn and olives too

Chicken, beans and sour cream

And peppers of every hue

Always broil the cheese a bit

To get that bubbly crust

Bowl of salsa on the side

Guacamole is a must

They’re the perfect food to share

Or if you’re on your own

Who’s to say you cannot eat

A whole plate all alone?

You can have them as a meal

Or just a nighttime snack

Either way, unique they are

This food that you can stack

A bag of chips a block of cheese

Some veggies on a tray

How easy to have food you love

Made fast in your own way!

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