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Nap Time

I’ve gotten to that certain age

It’s like I’m turning back the page

Regressing to when I was baby

To everyone, this happens? Maybe

It’s often early afternoon

After lunch my head does swoon

It’s like all dash the day did sap

I need to take a nice long nap

It’s not like there is even choice

My body says, with inner voice

“Let’s take it easy, close our eyes

In barely minute, we can rise…”

So every day I take to couch

And in a corner, lounge and slouch

And let my head droop into chest

Drift off like toddler, when they rest

And just like that I’m off to sleep

My eyes shut tight, my breathing deep

And when I wake, I’m so refreshed

If there was fuss, I’m now de-stressed

For really my full day is done

I only wait for setting sun

I’ll eat some dinner, what e’re I choose

Then off to bed for ‘nother snooze…

And that my friends is how life be

For me in my seniority!

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