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Nature Redeemed

*Illustration reference:

Not meant to be yet inevitable

Clash ‘tween kinds irrevocable

Fragility of nature, delicate balance

Humans destroy with such nonchalance

The damage that’s left, a sickly sight

A tender bae with will to fight

A crooked limb, a broken wing

A brood abandoned, poor wretched things

And yet the hand of their destroyer

Catches and cradles, benevolent foil

Will rescue the beast who has eluded

Notice until its pasture’s included

In ruinous plan, a path of destruction

Razed by weapons of mass construction

The needs that were snatched are duly replaced

With bottles and needles, shattered bones braced

Time has no meaning, the clock is not watched

Nature takes over what human has botched

Some will recover and others will die

Compelled is the nurser with staunchness to try

Reverse the debasement that people have wrought

We who laid snare without study or thought

Must open our eyes, as much open our hearts

Temper the pace at which we tear apart

Most of all give much more than we gain

With gestures of mercy, bring ease to their pain…

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