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New Beginning

A New Beginning

Artist: Agnes Kokot

As humans we’re flawed and creatures of habit

We need and we crave divine inspiration

A chance for renewal we often will grab it

Yet soon it’s abandoned with honest frustration

Why do we cling to the tired old ritual

Hell bent are we for yearly redemption

We always fall back on what is habitual

And sooner than not we seek out an exemption

You know what you want deep down in your soul

You face almost daily both virtue and malice

Don’t always expect that you will feel whole

Strive for a sense of well-being and balance

Change like the tides is relentless and pure

It comes for you whether you like it or not

The only thing I can say that is for sure

This is your life and this one’s all you’ve got

I hope you will live it as best as you can

Be not afraid to both fail and succeed

Expect that the best of a careful-made plan

Will often get tangled and mangled in weeds

For that is what makes us and breaks us in tandem

We love and we hate with too easy a mind

Alter this pattern let’s make it less random

Live less in anger choose more to be kind

I end and begin on a note of contentment

I wish you fulfillment in what you search for

To let go of notions that lean to resentment

And journey with passion to what lies in store

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