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New Year, New Groove

Today is THE day, that someway and somehow

Ripe we’re for change, and the moment is now!

I’ve said in the past I dislike this tradition

We wake to new morn full of different decisions

Is change not more fitting if made every day?

“Don’t save it for later!” I often would say 

But I’ve mellowed of late, and as I get older

I feel less the weight of that chip on my shoulder

This grump could sure use a big ol’ hearty laugh

As I wish all the best to those on their own path

Let’s look a bit inward and tend to our needs

Follow our instincts to wherever they lead

Get break from those tedious rows that we hoe

Would be great if we watched way more cat videos!

If you want, make a list, but be kind to yourself

Don’t place expectations too high on that shelf

Work out at the gym and eat veggies and fiber

Cut back on all things that are techy and cyber

Read some of those books that we have set aside

Commit to more kindness, try being less snide

Even if shifts in behaviour are hard

We might as well try for the way’s not been barred

The wish to be better is a rosy solution

And often inspires our best resolutions

I say what the hell! There is nothing to lose

Let a fresh start to living be the groove that we choose!

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