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No Looking Back

Look up, not down, then all around

And realize that good surrounds

‘Cause only thing you get from worry

Is a sense of panicked scurry

The only thing that rushing did

Is leave a smudge-mark where we skid

The things o’er which we choose to fuss

Who cares? The end’s the same for us

And even if you’ve all the toys

It matters not if there’s no joy

I recommend you itemize

Your life goals, then prioritize

And at the top, I hope you list

The thing that brings the purest bliss

Won’t no one care what jams your toast

Just that this thing that you love most

Is where you spend your energy

To get to where you want to be

This life’s too short, you get one chance

So grab a mate for that next dance

It doesn’t matter who is watching

Just that the fencepost that you’re notching

Is marked with all your dreams fulfilled

Until the day your spirit’s stilled

Your candle on both ends got burned

You left no stone on path unturned

And on your headstone states the fact

“Full steam ahead, no looking back!”

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