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North Star Wish

Peace on earth is wished this day

And all the years ahead

Is it naïve and innocent?

Yet I won’t be glum instead

I’ll show some faith in people that

I’ve not had heaps before

I’ll look for signs of joy to come

And open wide the door

If there were things that fell behind

I’ll give them just attention

And if I feel a snipe rise up

I’ll do best not to mention…

But most of all remind myself

I am so fortunate

To live free of uncertainty

Which often I forget

I’m blessed to be surrounded by

Abundance of affection

For love and much devotedness

We’ve quite the predilection!

The years of tumult that have passed

Have taken such a toll

We must be stirred to set things right

Let kindness be our goal

So once again with all my heart

The North Star wished upon

That calm and tranquil harmony

Be with us from now on

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