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Our Fate?

I swear I will not leave this earth

This dazzler of prodigious girth

That huffs and puffs and shrinks and swells

Until the Chimes of Doom will knell

Without acknowledgement of guilt

That I did trod upon its silt

WIth nary care for steps I planted

All good and great I took for granted

How could I not? When all around

Was detritus of glut on ground

We pushed aside or hid it well

Were gorgers we? You could not tell!

But now the reaping of our sowing

The riptides of seas undertowing

The cracks and fissures spew with rage

The beaten beast escapes its cage

We are just ants on rotting frame

We hustle without fix or aim

And think we are superior

When truth is we’re inferior

To vastness of Time’s evolution

Which now roils with a revolution

We’re on a course of mass destruction

Though to the end we’ll try to function

Down with ship with weak excuses

Deny whole time twas our abuses

As earth caves in our fate approaches

And hands reins to the hardy roaches!

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