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Light-footed and lion-hearted

Chasing shadows round corners darted

Fierce and freely domesticated

From local fauna she's separated

But instincts flare should birds alight

She flicks her tail when caught in sight

Her feline ways staunchly supported

Still wilding days are ever thwarted

A hunter's instinct is never dimmed

Gentle nature is barely skimmed

Yet we're fooled and plain naïve

For cats are clever apt to deceive

One moment tame and softly purring

Next minute chaos is fast occurring

Our skin is slashed with scars and pricks

Their tempers random and claws are quick

But all's forgiven and bonds renewed

That naughtiness so far subdued

Because when nestled in my arms

Beguiling me with lynx-like charms

A lovestruck slave I'll always be

To this riddle wrapped in mystery

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