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There are people we all know

Who cannot stop complaining

Even though it makes things grow

They still hate when it’s raining

Even if the weather’s fine

It’s suddenly too hot

Their default is to always whine

Without regard or thought

The glass is never quite as full

Even when o’erflowing

Or they say all things are dull

Their peevishness is showing

It seems to be their temperament

Their natural way of being

To act like things are slightly bent

From others’ way of seeing

If only they’d appreciate

How different we all are

Perhaps they’d turn their thinking straight

They’re better off by far

I would think there’s not much worse

Than one who can’t be humble

I’d rather put your feelings first

When I’m about to grumble

So when we are about to groan

Let’s find the side that’s bright

There’s often nothing to bemoan

When our mindset is set right!

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