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Ahhh that troublesome procrastination

Never get there if it were a destination

It is the act of not following through

On a task that you have set out to do!

It’s always because we let our little brain

Befuddle and cause better judgment to wane

It is as if we are like Jekyll and Hyde

Like a person’s a coin that is born with two sides One makes the plan and sets all the goals

The other side pokes that good plan full of holes

We know what is best or at least we’re aware

But get us to act? In the end we don’t care

The price we pay between the act and reward

We fool ourselves thinking that we can afford

It is going to bed with all hope for next day

But often we dream all incitement away

But do not despair for I have some advice

That might help defeat what we feel is a vice

Something that counters that procrastination

Is learning to “bundle” a little temptation

ONLY do something that brings you great joy

With something you stall because it annoys

You’re only allowed the cool music you like

To be listened to when on an exercise bike

You only will watch your most fave “Jersey Shore”

When doing an absolute bore of a chore

I know it sounds silly but maybe it works

To associate bothersome things with a perk!

We’ll conquer this problem, one day we will show ‘em!

(Yet even I procrastinated writing this poem…)

It’s okay if we live our lives fighting this crime

Changing a lifelong behaviour takes time!

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