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Proud World

Illustration reference:

“Monk with elephant in the forest”

Photographer: Visoot Uthairam

I’ll not believe we must have war

To those in need, we close the door

To have your cake and eat it too

You must have more than is your due

That good is weak and kind is limp

Awakened is not more than crimp

In hoarding’s side when greed will do

Short-sighted is this kind of view

That tempering one’s expectation

Is just some kind of affectation

A soft facade that’s wiped with ease

By hand that does not thank or please

This sort of world is not my dream

It’s selfishness writ to extreme

Yet is it disingenuous

To blame that things are such a mess

When I have privilege enough

My darkest day is not that rough?

I think it wise to find one’s focus

Hope zealousness for change will stoke us

From pit of gloom we can be shoved

Towards a world we’re all proud of!

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