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Puffy Jacket

Puffy jacket keeps me warm

So I may make it through a storm

Or if I’m stuck out in the cold

It’s Gore-tex, or at least I’m told

Have you heard of it before?

Apparently a guy named Gore

A man with certain science bent

Discovered it by accident

And now it seems ubiquitous

Its water-proofness, such a plus!

I wear my jacket oh so proudly

Extol its virtues, oh so loudly!

As winter coat, it’s oh so righteous

Though some might think it not so stylish

I say, away with gabardine

For in my polytetrafluoroethylene

I’m well ensconced like bug in rug

Your side-eye look, I coolly shrug

In any weather I can hack it

In my faux-trimmed Gore-Tex jacket!

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