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There’re movies that still resonate

Their legacy is just too great

And one that featured so much strange

That centered on a mind deranged

A horror staple we all know

The creepy, eerie-odd, “Psycho”

Hitchcock highlights mental illness

Exploited it for all its kill-ness

He turned romance and fear on head

As master of creating dread

It takes a deft hand at the helm

To kill off lead halfway through film!

Who can forget that curdled scream

That starts off that iconic scene!

The sharpness of the violin

It heightens fright as slay begins

And then the tension never ends

It builds and builds, to edge it sends

As closer creeps us to finale

Like thug with club in darkened alley

A harried son who’s not free of

A Mother who is crazed with love

We guess it’s one, and then the other

But NO! It’s Norman dressed as Mother!

All this time, we thought her there

She heckled son with zealous care

Yet she was naught but voice in head

Who spurred him on, though long was dead

Tis clear it’s pure insanity

Removed him from society

But what a way to end in style

Ol’ Norman with that crazy smile…

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