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When you really love someone

With a zeal hot as the sun

When you offer whole your heart

Consumed you are, you hoard no part

Forget you will sins of the past

The days and nights can fly so fast

How bright the future, it will seem

Dismiss the risk of shattered dream…

Yet heated passion always cools

How Love reduces us to fools

Until through ache, the fog will clear

Leaving us with what we fear

An absolute loss of affection

Nothing stings more than rejection

Confirms that thing we’ve always known

Seems destined we’re to be alone

There’s no amount of attitude

No offered empty platitude

Will lift us from that cloud of pain

It’s hard to think we’ll love again

Perhaps we will, or if we don’t

Hard-scrabbled we’ll still reach that point

Of sturdy stuff our spirit’s made

That sadness, like small wounds, will fade

There’s good gained from Love’s fickle game

If self-awareness be your aim

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