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Rest In Dreams

A life that's worth more than a cent

Is a damn good life worth fighting for

It has you crying your eyes right out

It means not running out the door

Your knuckles are scarred, red and raw

Fret not for wounds do always heal

Bruised and bloody to all that watch

But beneath, a soul is forged in steel

Why should we hide when battle looms

For cuts are badges we have earned

Our constant companions ever loyal

Lessons of life essentially learned

Rough-hewn your beauty, how it dazzles!

Marvels at what a mark you've made

Showered you’ll be, a lifetime of tributes

Forever collecting, a thousand times paid!

Now to the purpose, this plainly felt missive

Lays down upon you, a wish at your feet

Bestows you your longings and all you desire

Ensuring your plans be whole and complete

May love overflow, drenching and flooded

Blissful such seas when they roil and teem

Yet there’s destination, a landing awaits you

Let peace be your pillow as you rest amongst dreams...

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