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Rubber Duckie

A more iconic bath time toy

That brings the young and old such joy

Has not been made since rubber duckie

Whom shares the tub when you’re all mucky

So yellow, cute and sometimes squeaks

And might squirt water through its beak

I fill up full my sparkling tubbable

With the things I find most scrubbable

Ships and cups and submarines

I’ll play with when I’m getting clean

But when I’m in a wistful mood

When day has ended, all things good

Then underneath the suds and water

On my back like dozy otter

A steamy bath’s where I belong

To sing my duckie’s favourite song

“Rubber duckie, you’re the one

Who makes my bathtime so much fun…”

I love him so and he loves me

Together soaking happily

How lovely when you see the end

Of bustling day, in tub, with friend...

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