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*Illustration reference:

"Fodder Beans, Cock Bank, Whittlesey. Sept 2017"

by painter Fred Ingrams

Red is the colour of my love

Tis cool to the touch, yet hot enough

To singe your marrow, unaware

Yet captivated, how you stare

Green is the colour of my soul

Verdant as a grassy knoll

Towards your light its tendrils strain

And drinks in deep your gaze like rain

Blue is the colour of my thirst

Quenched it is by quick cloudburst

The sky its kindred spirit hue

Reflecting sapphire in the dew

Golden yellow ochre tinge

Is that which gathers on the fringe

A haloed crown atop my dome

A beacon that directs me home

To where a prism marks my grave

For what I seek is fit enclave

Is adequate to fill to brim

With all my hopes before they dim…

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