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Illustration Reference: Photo credit: AP

We must not take this life for granted

Apathy can’t be recanted

If ever we expected kindness

Replaced it’s been with willful blindness

Chaotic acts once were forbidden

Prejudice that once was hidden

Steals the air, gets all attention

We can’t depend on good intentions

If bigotry can grow and thrive

There’s doubt this fragile world survives

We mustn’t shut our eyes to worry

And walk past rift, as if in hurry

If anything, we must awaken

Asleep at wheel, our fate’s forsaken

For righteousness to be achieved

Be seen and heard, not scorned, aggrieved

Be unafraid, raise hand with grit

Shout out “I will not stand for it!

There is no cloaking bravery

You can’t gloss over slavery

You won’t fool us with misdirection

You can’t downplay an insurrection!”

Justice is this hill we mount

To hold those guilty to account

It matters not if years it takes

For what a difference it can make

Ensuring life, for you and me

Safeguarded through Democracy!

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