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School of Art or Art of School?

Even though I studied “Art”

It took me years to learn

That it is not a subject taught

But more a wisdom earned

Discovery of who you are

And what you want to be

Does not come from a single stroke

Nor one philosophy

A mind’s a sponge that cannot wait

To seek thoughts influential

The door to knowledge, opened wide

To your untapped potential

You must be open to the act

Of acceptance and rejection

Practice practice, and again!

In search of pure perfection

But do not let supremacy

Of craft be end-of-goal

For never will you reach that height

And the chase will take its toll

Resilience to adversity

The best time to be bold

When taught alongside harder skills

Is worth its weight in gold

The most important thing to grasp

That plants so deep the seed

Learning is life-long pursuit

Let’s follow where it leads!

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