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Some people think that horror’s shallow

No deeper value, plots ring hollow

But movie that is full of meaning

That’s perfect in its inbetween-ing

That fourth wall comes down hard for good

The awesome “Cabin in the Woods”

It takes the tropes we’ve come to love

And off the cliff, they go with shove

You see it, bang, right off the start

The athlete, easy girl with heart

The nerd, the clown, the one that’s modest

The mood forbodes, the creaking closet

And soon they fall into set traps

Familiar are all these mishaps

They meet their ends in awful ways

One by one, as program plays

Until just two escape dementors

And find the lair of their tormentors

They slowly come to realize

Someone’s steering course of lives

The monsters that had caused distress

Are soon released to make new mess

Though more than gory, played for laughs

Wreaking havoc, slaughters staff

Until the Final Boy and Girl

Find out that they must save the world

But one must die, or all is lost

But neither want to pay the cost

They’re fine with knowing that world ends

At least they’re going out with friend

And watch we do as ground releases

Epic beast, and all deceases…

What rollercoaster we’ve been on

Who cares that battle was not won

Yet have we, at last, learned for good?

Avoid all cabins in the woods!!

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