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Slava Ukraine!

*Illustration reference: Photograph by Jose Colon

Will not fall, cannot fall,

Expectations, defied them all,

The song of heroes loud refrain

Loud as thunder

“Against the foe we stand!

Even fighting gun to hand!

Never give a square of land!”

Slava Ukraine!

“Against the foe they stand!

Listen for the next command!

The brave shall rise again;”

Their courage a wonder

Despite the fear,

The dwindling gear,

Today they cheer!

Slava Ukraine!

Explosions to the right,

Explosions through the night,

Broken bodies lain,

Nerves torn asunder

The enemy is taunting,

The visions ever haunting,

The battles ever daunting!

Slava Ukraine!

Stouthearted be their rebel yell,

Deep is secret not to tell,

Bound by lock and chain.

Hubris was their blunder;

With villains at their door

Beat back as did before

Will never win this war!

Slava Ukraine!

Their courage will never fade,

The call to arms is made!

Nor cities sought to plunder;

Defeat will not be found,

As ring of gold surrounds

They will not struggle in vain!

Slava Ukraine!

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