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somehow, we fell asleep

somehow, we fell asleep at the wheel we call

democracy, taken for granted, ripe to be taken

and in the cover and stealth of entitled blindness,

gone in the night, pridefulness forsaken

worthless our habit to look to the bright side

we closed our minds as easily as fingers,

it did not take long before we used them to cover

our eyes and ears, hide from the woe-bringers

everything everywhere was pure chaos

no respite, as if a pandora’s box opened;

and out spilled the bottled up ire of a nation

a beautiful experiment left fractured and broken

spiraled down in a morass of misery,

to lament our predicament, a slippery slope;

inertia mixed with a gloomy perspective

is the one thing that smothers all hope

(yet here we are today, ready and riled, primed

to defeat the painted clown where he stands;

The blinders lifted and naked the emperor)

nobody, not even a child, has such small hands

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