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There’s movie that blew tops off heads

Shocking “Night of the Living Dead”

Influenced by book “I Am Legend”

George Romero’s take transcended

One man’s journey to the world

As plague caused chaos to unfurl

The dead came undead, without cause

And what they did, as dead, gave pause

Devouring people as their food

And corpses shown quite starkly nude

He also broke some racial barriers

With black man leading as superior

Intelligent and smart as hell

Who handled all that bedlam well

On budget that would bare suffice

George wrote, directed, cut and spliced

His film premiered in way quite dicey

It wasn’t untoward nor spicy

Innocuous as matinee

Young children came for fun-filled day

But this was no light scary cheer

The audience soon was struck with fear

All people died, so rarely seen

The images that flashed on screen

He broke the rules, while munching brains

Pushed off the cliff, derailed their trains

But I admire George’s vision

His every move was right decision

Yet who could have predicted how

This film would lead to what’s known now

As modern zombie, trope and all

(He’d go on to besaint the mall)

He revolutionized the way

We scare ourselves, right to this day

Still resonates, that phrase in horror

When drawled, “They’re coming to get you, Barbara…”

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