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Like spiders webs their traps are thin

Tis best to draw their sweet prey in

Yet strong as chains those hanging strands

When puzzled box falls into hands

In search of pleasures so forbidden

The path to them is deeply hidden…

Yet foolish is naive thrill-seeker

Who opens door to world much bleaker

Is ripped apart and left for dead

Until revived by hand that bled

Brazen in their limp escape

The Keepers of the Haunt will traipse

In search of soul that pushed too far

From Hell they come to where you are

Such ghouls they make your nightmares cry

There’s nothing left but wait to die

Caught in web, condemned you’ll be

Trapped like fly, in agony

The Cenobites, cannot be tamed

They know not pleasure, nor fear pain

So best to leave that gold cube locked

Don’t follow path those fools have walked -


There’s nothing worth the hurt that lays there

Beyond our world, beware Hellraiser!

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