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The baking heat is better taken

When in blender, drink you’re makin’

Not a lot is on agenda

Want chores done? Away I’ll send ya

The most today I will endeavour

Is listening to songs of John Denver

On the deck with legs outstretched

And hoping that my drink you’ll fetch

For I’m in full relaxing mode

I've suffered long, this break I’m owed

The summer weather here is short

And I’ve no dough for posh resort

So I must find my paradise

Utopia of own device

At home, enjoy, repose, until

Unavoidably, the night does chill

And summer goes, as summer does

Remember how sweet summer was!

The bright blue skies as clear as ocean

The coconut of suntan lotion

A wintry town, for many reasons

Appreciates that there’s four seasons

But when you’re only given taste

You drink it up, no drop we waste

Indulge ourselves with sun’s repast

We know too well, it goes so fast!

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