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Summer's End

*Illustration reference: Dobrila Vignjevic

Nothing feels more like a bummer

Than when you sense the end of summer

Sunrise comes a wee bit later

You have to don a mid-day sweater

You notice evening sun comes early

Which makes you cling to summer dearly!

The trees still green but that will change

Though farm-fresh produce has more range

The fruit that needed bit more time

Now bursts with flavours so sublime

We must get done all we can do

For golden rays and skies of blue

Cannot ignore cool Autumn’s call

To drape themselves in folds of Fall

And months of dog days evanesce

Along with short-sleeved summer dress

But that is how the seasons go

It’s time to harvest that which grows

And thrives in closeness of the sun

But still knows when this stage is done

Yet as it fades, I will remember

My favourite month is still September!

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