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Taco Night!

Taco shells, ground meat and cheese

Recipe from the seventies!

A janky salsa, like El Paso

Refried beans that give me gas-oh!

Sour cream, ooh I just love it

Shredded lettuce and have lots of it

Fill ‘er up until they’re bursting

For a Corona I’m now thirsting!

When I was kid, they were a treat

Now every night I get to eat!

I know they’re junky, dinner cheater

But for them I’m voracious eater

I can eat at least a dozen

If I have a cold beer for guzzlin’

I know these aren’t considered “good”

For a true taco is sacred food

But when you’re hungry for a fixin’

That flavour pouch is there for mixin’

They’re cinch to eat, it takes two bites

I’ll never not love Taco Night!

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