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Tardi to the Party!

If I had not seen them with stupefied eyes

I’d say they’re result of nonsensical lies

There’s things in this world that no god could have made

Including the creature known as Tardigrade!

Eight-legged and segmented, these morphons so micro

Are fever-dream conjured from minds gone pure psycho

Barrel-shaped body and short stubby legs

“Don’t let those be hands!” does your startled mind beg

Their tubular mouths are lined with small spikes

To suck out the fluids from things that they like

But take closer look and away go your fears

Adorably twee are these wee “water bears”

Most likely a billion, most casually tossed

When people trudge through their moist homes made of moss

But worry not for them they’re ever resilient

For little encountered in their life spans will make dent

From high Himalayas to hottest of springs

At these “moss piglets” you can throw ‘most anything

Amazingly they would not be out of place

If they’re found alive floating in deep outer space!

So from coldest of cold to the hottest of hot

These magical creatures are one sturdy lot

Most likely when humans have long run their course

This impish-like sprite be the next ruler’s source

And if I were still here it would be such reward

To bow down to the cutest, most hale overlord!

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