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Kudos to all teachers

How they earn our endless praise

So vital is their function

They’re entitled to a raise!

They wear so many different hats

They topple from their heads

And rather than find less to do

They’ll take more on instead!

Enfold our children under wing

And teach them how to fly

Patiently clean up their mess

And wipe the tears they cry

I’m not sure we realize

The pressure that they feel

Every day the work piles up

The stress they live is real

And though our kids go 9 to 3

That’s hardly teacher’s hours

Much earlier and later than

O’er lesson plans they scour

Even as the child grows up

A teacher’s role increases

Supportive ear while helming clubs

Obligation never ceases

And if it wasn’t hard enough

Our government’s a pest

With budget cuts and tightening belts

They do much more with less

And yet they show up every day

And do their jobs with pride

Meeting all their student’s needs

While theirs are set aside

Every teacher that I know

Are fatigued and never lazy

Doing job we’d dare not touch

For fear it’d drive us crazy!

Much needed rest is owed to them

As feet inch towards the door

The summer break is almost here

And few deserve it more!

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