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The Artist's Dilemma

Sometimes I wonder why I write

What compulsion drives me so

For if it lingers without heed

How can my aptness grow

Lacking any feedback of

An audience review

Never will be in my reach

The credence I pursue

This has always been the bind

When pride won’t know removal

Do we create for just our sake

Or do we need approval

To deny addiction to

That rush we all yearn for

Would be dishonest of this scribe

A trait that I abhor

But if the truth should need be told

I care not for permission

A lacking of acknowledgment

Holds back not rhymes commission

So I shall write into the sky

My words will rise regardless

And hope they have but small effect

Make kind from one who’s heartless

Or lift a spirit that is aggrieved

Bring calm to life unfurled

For intention of an artist’s soul

Is to spread joy round the world!

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