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The Battle of Alberta

Two behemoths on cold ice they did meet

Blades of sharp steel gleamed like silvery feet

Sticks with small curves they were wielded like swords

A chance for the cup would be their just reward

They gnashed and they clashed and they fought like the gods

Two underdogs that have defied all the odds

But one reigned supreme as the icy fog lifted

One team stood triumphant, was clearly more gifted

The colours they wore were dark night and orange sun

High raised their hands when they knew they had won

Crowds were ecstatic and danced in the streets

Their goal of advancing was finally complete

The Flames were extinguished a burnt-out cold ember

But I guarantee these will be games we remember

For nothing is better than battling your own

Rivalries eternal and burnished in stone

Even as victors we shake out-stretched hands

Rejoice as a province, across fertile lands

Though only one’s left that can answer the call

It’s still scrappy Alberta that we hope takes it all!

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