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The Cat

Once upon a midmorn meeting, I had some work need my completing

Over Zoom, a Monday call, we’re debating this and that -

My head droops, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping

I thought I heard a lapping, then a tapping, gentle pat -

“Hi Penny,” I exclaimed, “are you begging for a pat?

My lovely little cat.”

It might have been quite graceless, for my screen was not so faceless

And everyone could see my Penny interrupt our chat

I then apologized, that none should be surprised

Penny makes her presence known, regardless where I’m at

My furred and minxy mistress, would not put up with that -

Being denied my lap.

Then this ginger cat beguiling, had all their faces smiling

She was of no stern decorum, more like a diplomat

And Penny lounged so breezy, she loved to take it easy

Though, indeed, she completely disrupted our morning chat -

I did not have the heart to tell my beloved Penny scat

So, that was that.

So my Penny, never leaving, barely stirring, still is purring

On my keyboard, in my arms, so cute and warm and fat

And her eyes are barely open, so there is no use in hoping

That this meeting will continue, for who competes with that -

No point to keep on Zooming, when she’s grooming, such a brat!

This sweet, demanding cat!

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