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The Comic Book

There are things we had as kids

We longed for and collected

Coins and stamps or trading cards

Those things kept us connected

The fondest of my memories

Was found in corner store

The comic book displayed in racks

Was what we all lived for

The best way to spend pocket change

Or allowance so hard earned

We couldn’t wait to open them

So quick those pages turned

Devoured all those stories up

Of heroes brave and bold

Fighting villains time and again

Those plots did not get old

It mattered not how many times

They won and lost their battles

All we cared is that they fought

How sword and shield did rattle

We hoarded them and would not trash

Their value never dimmed

Happily our childhood craze

Was not reduced to whim

We prize them even more today

We treat them with kid gloves

Preserving them like works of art

These flimsy books we love

Nostalgia is a weighty hand

That guides adult obsession

Such reminders of our innocence

Remain a beloved possession…

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