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The Cookie Jar

It sits so quiet, in the corner

On the counter, cookie hoarder

Hands on belly, lid askew

Holding goodies just for you

Tempting, coaxing, charming casket

Like diviner, you can ask it

Why do treats need to be hidden?

What’s inside that’s so forbidden

They’re often made ‘cause we insist

And is that why we can’t resist?

Yet when we crave we feel like sneaks

Our self-control so limp and weak

And yet that smile will lure us in

Like circus barker’s evil grin

We hope to leave no crumbs behind

Nothing that someone might find

That ties you to a missing sweet

The snack consumed, a quick retreat

There’s nothing left, except relief

To prove your guilt as biscuit thief

And still that jar in shadow lingers

In silence waits for probing fingers…

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