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The Exorcist

It’s fifty years since cross our screens

A movie that could draw out screams

Rose from the depths like none before

Drove viewers to run out the door

Yet many still could not resist

The frightful flick, “The Exorcist”…

So many layers, had this film

Not just a beast from nether realm

A tortured priest that questioned faith

Another that would battle wraith

Right to the death, against all odds

An aging proxy for his god

A child sweet and innocent

Whose soul like chattel to be spent

By demon who brought plague and woe

Each day that passed, made chaos grow

The things that child did endure

Demeanour once so kind and pure

Reduced to wreck with evil smile

A twisted neck and pea-green bile

Until Pazuzu met its match

In wrinkled skin and hair like thatch

Then what transpired was a war

‘Tween good and ill, not seen before

With imagery that would repel you

That mantra thundered, “Christ compels you!”

But evil proved formidable

God’s priests became dispensable

When only one left, meek and mild

To save the soul of wretched child

With temerity, he sacrificed

He captured fiend, then took his life

Did righteousness win out that night?

Malevolence lives on in blight

It does not die, it seeks out form

A simple heart, to make new home

And watch we will, with anxiousness

As devil’s plan will recommence

Possessing souls with spiteful glee

And left to wonder, “Will it come for me?”

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