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The Four Seasons

January sets the tone

Its air is crisp and cold

Branches drip with frosty tears

This climate makes us bold

February drags and drags

Ironic 'cause its short

We might get by with chocolate hearts

And bleak weather reports

March is unpredictable

It comes in like a lion

Yet prances out just like a lamb

For winter's grip is dying

April showers bring May flowers?

Not in our northern city

The temperatures are up and down

The streets are wet and gritty

May is like a promise kept

Sun's out with warming rays

The ground explodes with bright green buds

You sense the longer days

June is perfect just as is

Impatient kids are freed

Moods are good vacations start

It gives us all we need

July ensures that winter's sting

Is just a memory

Time is best spent out of doors

With friends and family

August is an ideal month

But yet it’s bittersweet

Summer has its last hurrah

We revel in its heat

September is renewal time

For many fall is favoured

Trees turn leaves to burnished gold

And slow-cooked stews are savoured

October is a month we love

Leaves crunch beneath our feet

And ghosts and witches run around

They're playing tricks for treats!

November calls for scarves and mitts

For winter has returned

The skies turn grey and cold winds blow

Wood for warmth is burned

December means the year has passed

The holidays are here!

Though the snow will chill our toes

We're flush with Christmas cheer

A year in Edmonton will bring

Delight with seasons four

Its beautiful its people kind

How could you ask for more?

(But if you've been here long enough

You live a special way

Prepare for how the seasons change

You'll get four in one day!)

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