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The Giant Panda

These cuddly creatures we adore

In science words are “folivores”

‘Cause leaves and shoots they mostly eat

In bamboo groves they live replete

But I think them more “folly-vore”

Their love of play you can’t ignore

They roll and loll and eat and poop

They clumsily go floopdy floop

But there’s cool things I’d like to share

About this snuggly chunky bear

They live in China, mountain ranges

Their diet rarely ever changes

Eating bamboo all day long

The muscles in their jaws be strong!

But bamboo is not that nutritious

Though pandas find their shoots delicious

So this is why they seem to lumber

Ever slow, and mostly slumber

Roaming, searching for their food

Their life to me sounds pretty good!

Though once considered species rare

Conservation shields this bear

Through efforts large-scale and extensive

Has made safekeeping quite expensive!

But I think that we’d all agree

The panda, most deservedly

Is animal we all should treasure

Watching them gives us such pleasure

They show us life’s not complicated

Us grumpy folk should be less jaded

How great to eat and poop all day -

Enjoying life the Panda Way!

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