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The Grand Exit

*Illustration reference:

From the book, Advanced Style: Older & Wiser,

photographer Ari Seth Cohen

There is no hardship in us aging

As our body’s end is staging

Tis the way that all things go

Yet are we grateful it seems slow?

Or does it come like sudden storm

From nowhere without bare a warn

It seems that one day when we wake

There’s sudden pain in steps we take

There’s wrinkles where there once were none

And pastimes we enjoyed lack fun

One look in mirror has us gasp

And suddenly at time we grasp

For often squandered, precious years

We fly through life, we live in fear

Of never doing all we can

Waste energy for upper hand

Yet when we’re faced with looming end

We find the thought of it won’t send

Us into stew of futile grief

Instead we’re washed with some relief

That life is full of meaning still

It does not end when o’er that hill

In youth we trudged to get to top

To decline fast without a stop!

No do not hand me load of crap

And do not think my day has wrapped

I’ll wear my aging self with honour

Won’t be dismissed like I’m a goner

I do not doubt my exit grand

When hourglass runs out of sand

And all good things shall come to pass

Till then I’ll make those good times last!

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