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The Great Equalizer

I need perspective, or I’ll burst

I cry or laugh, not sure what’s worse

When people seem to close their eyes

To those around, it’s no surprise

There always will be those who crush

Push those aside in need to rush

Short-sighted is their default setting

They never learn, keep on forgetting

Those extra seconds they try hoarding

Their smirking face o’er me they’re lording

Never wins out in the end

Though laws they always try to bend

They race through yellow lights with glee

Exhaust pipes belch annoyingly

They disappear in cloud of smoke

They think that rules are naught but jokes

You see them weave like drunken sailors

A signal light will not prevail here

But I catch up, I always do

It’s funny ‘cause they know it’s true

For nothing makes a speeder cry

Then when they get hung out to dry

They can’t escape that one long light

This bitter pill brings me delight

To have to stop is aggravating

Stuck they are with me, just waiting

When light turns green they race through traffic

Yet I catch up again, like *magic*

I laugh at road monopolizers

Red lights - the great equalizers…

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