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The Hanbok

*Illustration reference: Meehee Hanbok

So beautiful and graceful falls

This simple gown, how it enthralls

Tis regal yet uncomplicated

Splendid but still understated

Chima Jeogori is its name

The hanbok has reached higher fame

For when you see this style of dress

Its gloriousness steals your breath

Koreans since antiquity

Have worn raiment majestically

Designed for ease and relaxed wear

Yet favoured trim was stitched with care

The shape it keeps does not reveal

Its modestness meant to conceal

Yet beauty of the wearer shines

The silhouette is quite divine

A silk-draped bell, or bowing bloom

Exquisite as a polished plume

Unpatterned or full of design

Materials from plain to fine

Though often saved for times of fete

It’s made its way to party set

As fashion does as fashion will

From court to street this dress has spilled

May one day I don such a gown

I’ll make my way, so proud, through town

In garb that any form it suits

To honour my Korean roots!

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