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The Library

A grand achievement of civilization

Ordained and esteemed from nation to nation

A society honours our past, present, future

And safeguards the record as if it is lucre

A prized source of power rests in the mind

Chronicling the history of all humankind

A collection of wisdom that’s never verbose

Of art, craft and poetry, science and prose

Vast was their influence and great their effect

Essential that people will share and connect

Venerable pages contained in a book

We idle, peruse them, we linger, we look

Convenience of tech has not yet extinguished

The value of study, the role of the linguist

We, as a species, must not tolerate closure

Nor lessen their worth, or limit exposure

This hub of humanity, no borders or bounds

Where peace and engagement both can be found

The bastion of knowledge, a source of great learning

Sharing of insight that keeps the world turning

Visit them often and advantaged you’ll be

For all will be welcomed and served equally!

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