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The Moose: Distinctly Canadian

Is there a sight more patriotic

To most Canadians

Than moose, for whom we wax rhapsodic

As they peek from leafy glens

Majestic with a crown of spikes

Shaped just like opened hand

Adept in land and lake alike

Such astoundment they command!

They’re adaptable and versatile

They master earth and water

Face harsh weather with a “smile”

A stately hardy trotter

As eagle is to neighbour south

So does the moose display

The qualities that without doubt

Are the classic Canadian way

Solid and unflappable

Polite and quite discreet

You’ll not find us inaffable

But we give you berth on street

The moose, we’ve come to idolize

An essence that we see

As symbol that exemplifies

The true north, strong and free!

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