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The Movies

Ever since the first was made

The clicking film and simple set

Astonished eyes to new artform

A moment we will not forget

What wonders that were offered us

Stirring emotions deep inside

A star was born never to fall

Buoyed by this fabulous ride

Every decade the frame advanced

Sophisticated and daring too

Villains and lovers deep in embrace

Touched subjects we once thought taboo

The golden age of cinema

When studios reigned supreme

Usurped by grit of seventies nerve

Taking the gild off that gleam

A new generation raised by the greats

Redefined what the critics claimed good

Audacious, fearless and cocky too

Pushed boundaries far as they could

The films of today cannot be described

In terms that are simple and plain

Some say it’s better some say it’s worse

What matters, are you entertained?

They make us laugh and cry at once

Tutor or interpret loosely

Transports us through space and time

Enthralling most profusely

So persuasive and significant

In awe of what we’re seeing

Together give in and gladly devour

The world that they dream into being…

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