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The Other Side

We hope for a wave yet it’s still just a ripple

A small grain of sand, size of pinprick, a stipple

One step in direction of most earnest goal

An unformed idea that aches to be whole

Imperfect we beings, yet grand in our flaws

With dogged compulsion we chase without pause

Ideals and dreams that we have since a child

Untainted and guiltless, a shoot growing wild

Of kindness and friendship and unbridled laughter

Till cynical gray all but muddied the water

With time and hard knocks comes a dawning awareness

That deeds of goodwill do not bring about fairness

But we won’t be thwarted, it’s not in our nature

To let hate win out is not up for debate here

Tis a showing of faith that inherently good

Is our dream-powered engine, the one we think could

With nothing but moxie and a brash strength of will

Reach the future we’re due as we scale every hill...

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