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The Unexceptional

*Illustration reference: From the film "Napolean Dynamite" (2004)

Hooray for all the second-placers

Try just enough to be save-facers

Put in the average amount of time

Win second place? Hell, they don’t mind!

There’s something lovely in the losing

For first place is not of their choosing

Just happy to be showing up

They need not hold aloft a cup

Their attitude is, I might reckon

Is someone’s got to come in second

And might as well still celebrate

For nothing’s wrong with second-rate

Though accolades might be quite tiny

Silver is still pretty shiny

For life in shadow, is ease to bear

Imagine if you truly cared

The anguish that comes when you fail

So harshly felt, on greater scale

Relentless is that race to top

The stress to win, it never stops

So, here with me, let’s raise a glass

To those that fill up second class

Are left behind, forgotten quickly

Descent to nowhere comes quite swiftly

The words I’ve heard from clever man

Highborn are those who’ve also-ran…

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