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The Unpredictable Spring

Head-down, do I dare look up

Fragile joy ends quite abrupt

For what clouds view in study window

Turns blood cold, demeanour into

One so sour, from the sweet

As gray skies rain down snowy sleet

I tell you this is not the way

To start the lovely month of May!

We’ve waited in our northern tuck

As months and months have had us stuck

To only have our hopes so teased

To sit inside, arms crossed, displeased

The silver lining of morass

This moisture quenches parched dry grass

And just might make the spring more spring-y

If only Winter weren’t still cling-y

Oh well, I put warm sweater on

And start a cuppa, move along

Inevitable is sun and green

The trees will bud, beatific scene

This slush that made me don my boots

Is melted, gone, (but boon for roots)

And cruel joke that our friend did pull -

Confirms May’s unpredictable!

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