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The Waitress

She may be a student young

In job that seems so burdensome

That in between the work and lessons

In busy room she’s ever stressin’

Or maybe she’s a long time staff

With easy manner and good laugh

She’s been around, she’s quite the fixture

Her coffee is beloved elixir

Or harried mother, works long hours

Through morn or night she staunchly powers

A restaurant job can suit this life

Though balanced home is sacrificed

Do we ever, when we’re out

Of this person, think about?

The one who brings us drink and food

Trade life they lead? We never would!

There’s chance we did it long ago

Hardest job most of us know

So when we’re dining, cut them slack

And when it’s busy, don’t give them flack

There’s little break, their butts they bust

And when you tip, be generous

They appreciate acknowledgement

And showing just how well things went

Feel satisfied when you depart

The waitress truly served with heart!

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