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Timmie's: Ode to A Canadian Icon

Tim and Jim one day cavortin’

Started Inc., they called Tim Horton’s

The first Tim Horton’s donut store

Opened up in ‘64

They also did serve up some burgers

Then Tim and Ron, well they did merger

Poor Tim he died in ‘67

And I am sure he watched from Heaven

As Ron grew fast his namesake shop

He grew and grew, he could not stop!

Until the countryside would go nuts

For his coffee and his donuts!

And that is how it came to be

That Timmie’s entered history

Cut ahead some 60 years

And we’ve shed us some fresh-brewed tears

No longer full Canadian

Not fresh-baked goods, since way back when

It’s been real hard on coffee-perkers

To pay them fairly, all these workers

And franchisees will fight HQ

As companies are wont to do…

But worry not, the light won’t dim

We still have prized “Roll Up The Rim”!

So visit shops across the nation

To help out Hortons’ kid’s foundation

Judge not too harsh for what it lacks

Just dig it for convenient snacks!

All times of day a cup awaits

And that’s what makes our Timmie’s great!

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